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Elements Website Widgets 

As an Elements customer you have access to a library of Elements content widgets that can be easily added to your website. In order to use these widgets, we need to add your website domain to our approved users. Please go to this page to get a preview of these widgets and instructions on how to add them to your website.


Elements Brand Images

Transparent logo - black text

Copy of Elements Logo - Horizontal - Transparent Dark Text.png


Transparent logo - white text (grey background added)

Elements Logo - Horizontal - Transparent White Text (2).png


Web Scorecard



Element Tiles

TotalTerm.png TaxRate.png SavingsRate.png RealEstateTerm.png
QualifiedTerm.png LiquidTerm.png InsuranceRate.png EquityRate.png
DebtRate (1).png BurnRate.png BusinessTerm.png  


Elements Scorecard Phone Graphics

iphone_ElementsScorecard 11.png iphone_ElementsScorecard 07.png
iphone_ElementsScorecard 06.png
iphone_ElementsScorecard 03.png
iphone_ElementsScorecard 04.png
iphone_ElementsScorecard 02.png iphone_ElementsScorecard 09.png
iphone_ElementsScorecard 01.png         iphone_ElementsScorecard 10.png


Elements Phone Graphic.png


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