Resources For Introducing Elements to People

Jordan Haines
Jordan Haines
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The following resources were created to help you introduce people to Elements for the first time and set the right expectations:


1-Page Intro PDF

This 1-page document is designed for advisors to use during initial client interactions. The PDF outlines the importance of financial wellness, compares it to a visit to the doctor, and provides simple steps to get started, allowing advisors to easily share fundamental information with clients.

Intro Email Template

A straightforward email template tailored for making introductions or following up on conversations. This template serves as an efficient tool for advisors to communicate key information, ensuring a clear and consistent message is delivered to clients or prospects.

Intro Slide Deck

A comprehensive slide deck that equips advisors with everything needed to make a compelling introduction. Advisors can download the deck as a PowerPoint or PDF, customize it with their branding, and use it as a resource to guide presentations and discussions with clients.

Intro Video

A brief two-minute or less video where the speaker goes through the Intro Slide Deck in more detail. This video provides a visual walkthrough and explanation of the key concepts, making it a valuable resource for advisors to understand how to effectively present the introductory information to clients.


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