Quarterly Progress Reporting: The Basics

Abby Morton
Abby Morton


Elements automatically delivers a quarterly progress report to all active clients. All you need to do to ensure this process has started, is make sure the clients you want to go through this process are moved to the active client status. 


Reports will auto-generate and appear to both you and your clients on the 1st day of every calendar quarter inside the mobile app. 




As part of this report, one week prior, active clients will be prompted to verify basic information.

The process timeline is on a calendar day basis (not business days), working backwards from the 1st day of the next calendar quarter. This means: 

  • Q1 reports are delivered on April 1.
  • Q2 reports are delivered on July 1. 
  • Q3 reports are delivered on October 1. 
  • Q4 reports are delivered on January 1.


Below is an illustration showing a timeline of the process including when advisors and clients are notified.


Common questions:

  • Can I move a client out of active status? 
    • No, once in active they cannot be moved back to onboarding, but you can continue to edit their data as needed over time. 
  • How can I view the reports once done?
    • Advisors and clients can view the reports on the iOS mobile interface. 
  • What is included in the report? 
    • See linked PDF below. 

For more detailed information and for best practices, see attachment below. 


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