ByAllAccounts additional FAQs

Abby Morton
Abby Morton
  • Can my clients access ByAllAccounts?

    No.  Client access to BAA is disabled.  This is for advisor use only.

  • Can I use an existing BAA account?

    No.  If you already have a ByAllAccounts account in connection with another software product, that will not work here. You’ll have to create a separate account to use with Elements.

  • Can I access the ByAllAccounts integration in the Elements mobile app?

    No.  Accounts that have been imported and assigned to households will appear, but the integration page itself cannot be accessed in the mobile app.

  • Can my support employees (CSMs, associate advisors, paraplanners, admins) use this integration?

    Yes and no.

    No, support users should not turn on the integration in Elements.  The financial institutions that ByAllAccounts supports for advisors generally require the advisor’s credentials at the institution to import their clients’ managed accounts (for example, at a custodian).  Supporting employees generally don’t have the client data affiliated with their credentials at the FI.

    Yes, support users can get direct access to AccountView to manage connections on behalf of the advisor.  See Creating “Assistants”.

  • I forgot my password!

    Please contact and we can reset it for you.

  • What financial institutions have connections available?

    To see if your institution is covered by ByAllAccounts, simply search for it in the Institutions tab in AccountView (alternatively, using the steps under ‣)

    The list of direct feeds is available here, though is also included in the above search results.  We typically recommend using a direct feed option where one is available as the connections are more stable.


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