Assigning and Unassigning ByAllAccounts in Elements

Abby Morton
Abby Morton

Assigning Accounts

Once you have added accounts in AccountView, Elements will automatically import those accounts as “Unassigned Accounts”, meaning they’re not yet assigned to household:


To assign accounts to a household, check off the individual accounts you’d like to assign to a given household, then select the household (these steps can also be done in reverse order). 



Unassigning Accounts

If an account is accidentally assigned to the wrong household, you can unassign accounts in Elements.  


Unassigning an account from a household in Elements fully deletes that account from the household where it previously was assigned (including all balance history).  This ensures that for accounts which have been errantly assigned, there is no data leftover in the wrong household.

 On the account list, click the three dots in the top right corner and switch the view to “Assigned Accounts” to view all accounts from ByAllAccounts that have already been assigned to a household in Elements.

To unassign an account from a household, select the account in the accounts table, then click the remove button in the household accounts table.


Disabling the ByAllAccounts Integration

To disable the integration, click the three dot icon on the top right of the page in Elements, and click “Remove Integration”.  Doing so will:

  1. Delete your AccountView account
  2. Unlink all accounts that have been assigned to households and convert them into manual accounts.  Account data in Elements will not be deleted.

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