ByAllAccounts Integration Quick Start Guide

Abby Morton
Abby Morton

Enabling the ByAllAccounts Integration 

If you already have a ByAllAccounts account in connection with another software product, that will not work here.  You’ll have to create a separate account to use with Elements. 


The ByAllAccounts integration is only supported for advisor users, not support users (like associate advisors, planners, assistants, etc.).  If you do not manage client investment accounts, please do not setup this integration in Elements. 

ByAllAccounts does have an Assistant user role that can be used within AccountView. See below for more info. 



Creating a ByAllAccounts account 

  1. In Elements, go to the integrations page and click “Morningstar ByAllAccounts”.
  2. Click “Request Access” to create a ByAllAccounts account.
  3. Upon successful account creation, click “Go to ByAllAccounts”.  This will take you to “AccountView”, the name of ByAllAccount’s software.
  4. Copy and paste in your username and temporary password from Elements.  ByAllAccounts will ask you to create a new password.  Fyi: ByAllAccounts will also send you an email with the same username and temporary password that you see on screen in Elements.

Elements is now connected with ByAllAccounts.



Opening ByAllAccounts directly 

Once you have created a ByAllAccounts account through Elements, you’ll need to open ByAllAccounts directly to add connect your institutions, among other tasks (see above).  You can go to AccountView directly through Elements:

  1. In Elements, go to the integrations page and click “Morningstar ByAllAccounts”.
  2. In the top right corner of the page, click the three-dot-icon, then “Go to ByAllAccounts”.  This will open ByAllAccounts “AccountView” app in a separate window.

Alternatively, you can bookmark this link for AccountView:

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