How does messaging work?

Abby Morton
Abby Morton

What Is It?

In-app messaging allows all firm members to send and receive messages with any household in the Elements app.  Only users in a client household who have created an Elements account are able to use this feature.

The feature is only available to advisors through the web portal (meaning there’s nothing in the advisor’s mobile app) and to clients on the mobile app.


How Does it Work?

Sending Messages


  • Messages can only be sent and received from the web portal.
  • Any advisor or support member of a firm can view and send messages to any household in that firm.
  • We only support “household” messaging, not “individual messaging”. Meaning, any messages sent to a household can be seen and replied to by any “head of household” that has an Elements account (typically the client, or client and spouse). There is no ability to send a direct message to only one member in the household if both have an account.


  • Messages can only be sent and received from the mobile app.


There are both email notifications and mobile push notifications.  Advisors have limited notification settings.  Clients have no notification settings (other than their device notification settings).

Advisor Notifications

Firm members receive an email notification for every message received (see notification settings below).

Firm members do not receive mobile push notifications.


For more information, check out this guide.


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