Plaid is the service clients will use to connect any account they have a connection to.

  • What happens if my login credential change for a connected institution?

    Occasionally, when information changes at the institution the accounts will disconnect. Please try the following solutions:   Solution 1: Go to the linked account. There should be a button that says: password invalid click here to “fix it.”     Solution...

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  • My connected accounts are showing $0 balances - what do I do?

    If the account is newly connected, it may take a day for the values to update.   If there was a connection and there used to be a value showing but now there are zeros, you should try to delete the connection to Plaid and re-connect.  Note that sometime...

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  • How do I connect accounts using Plaid?

    When you login to the mobile app navigate to the net worth tab. Click on the green plus button in the center of the screen and choose "connect account." Then follow the prompts to add your account.  Plaid doesn't support all institutions, so if the acco...

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  • How do I remove a connected institution in Elements?

    This video will demonstrate how to remove an institution's connection with Plaid.      

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