Just Starting with Elements

Introducing to Clients

  • Introducing Elements to People For The First Time

    Main Talking Points For Introducing Elements Introduce WHAT Elements is Relate WHY Elements is important to them Explain HOW to get started Script: What Is Elements? Elements is a set of financial vitals that we use to understand how financially heal...

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  • Setting Expectations

    Explain Next Steps In this section, the focus is on guiding individuals through the steps they should anticipate as they embark on the process. The speaker emphasizes simplicity and encourages action. The following steps are outlined: Step 1: Receive a...

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  • Resources For Introducing Elements to People

    The following resources were created to help you introduce people to Elements for the first time and set the right expectations:   1-Page Intro PDF This 1-page document is designed for advisors to use during initial client interactions. The PDF outline...

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  • How Elements Data Gathering Is Different

    Data Gathering in Traditional Tools: Traditional tools try to expand their data models to collect as much client information as possible, such as tax returns, investment statements, spending habits, and more. The advisor then chooses the most relevant ...

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  • Data Needed For Elements

      Data NEEDED For An Elements Scorecard Balance sheet Total annual income Total annual spending Savings amounts and frequency by account Debt payments by account Annual taxes paid Life, disability and umbrella insurance coverage amounts Equity allocat...

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  • Data Gathering Resources

      Find the Data Gathering Checklist in the attachments below.

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Ongoing Service

  • Using Elements to Monitor Financial Health

    Monitor - How to Use Elements with Your Ongoing Service  Below is a quick start guide that explains exactly where elements can fit into your process.  After you have onboarded a client and assessed their financial health, you’ll use Elements to monitor ...

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Learn How to Interpret the Scorecard

  • Weekly Assessment Class

    Do you want to better understand the scorecard? Join us in a group class each Thursday where we'll review the scorecard and discuss sample client scenarios.  When: Each Thursday at 11:00am MST To register email CS@getelements.com with the date you'd lik...

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