January 2024 Product Update

Abby Morton
Abby Morton
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Web Onboarding

We heard you! We received so much feedback about how downloading the app was too much of a hurdle when getting prospects onboarded to Elements. So, say hello to our new Web-based Client Onboarding!

Now when you invite a client to Elements, client-led onboarding is enabled by default, and they'll be automatically sent through this process in their browser. No need for them to find and download the Elements app to get started! Additionally, any active Invite Links will also follow this new flow. Ongoing monitoring will continue to happen through the mobile app and it will remain the client's access point for Elements.

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View Options for Focusing on Elements in View Screen Mode

We've added a number of view options in full screen mode, including the ability to highlight certain Elements, focus on Cash Flow, Risk, or Assets, and Hide Client Name or Age. Full screen mode continues to be a useful feature to showcase the power of Elements vital signs.

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Import Existing Clients to Elements Faster

Interested in quickly importing your clients from your planning software to Elements? Reach out to your CSM and they can easily help you upload name, birthday, phone, income and spending for as many clients as you want—all at one time! For Version 2, we’re working on being able to add net worth details for each client as well. Watch for additional updates, coming soon!

Multi Factor Authentication

We have enabled multi factor authentication options for all advisors. Please contact support if you would like to turn this on.

Account Settings is Improved

We've added a couple new functions to Account Settings. You can now change your password in the web portal without needing to go through a forgot password flow. Additionally, you can change your First Name and Last Name without needing to message into our Support team.

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