How to use the One-Page Plan from Carl Richards and Reese Harper

Abby Morton
Abby Morton
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How to create a one-page plan on the advisor web portal


Introducing the One-Page Plan

Reese and Carl introduce the One-Page Plan and the effect it can have on client relationships 


Statement of Financial Purpose

Carl Richards works through the foundational process of drafting the statement of financial purpose on the One-Page Plan 



Carl Richards discusses how to clarify goals from a client’s statement of financial purpose and how it fits into the One-Page Plan 



Next Steps

Carl Richards explains how to identify next steps and how they flow naturally out of clearly defined goals 


Understanding Net Worth

Reese Harper helps us understand how to factor in a client’s net worth into the One-Page Plan 


Using the Elements Scores

Reese Harper shows how to incorporate the Elements scorecard into client discussions


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